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Sample Shopper Questionnaires
The shopper questionnaire is the key to receiving the feedback you need from the shopper's contact with your staff. Shoppers, Inc. will work with you to customize a questionnaire that will fit your exact needs. Or, we can use one that you may already have.

We find that every client has a slightly different focus, so we do not offer "canned" programs. Instead, we work together so the program will be YOURS, not ours. This customization does not cost you anything extra. It simply insures that the program will provide the feedback you want.

Below are some very basic, general samples of shopper questionnaires. We provide these just so you get an idea of how they look. Remember, we'll customize them to your specifications. We have many other examples of more thorough evaluations from all industries. Contact us for more information.

Convenience Store Form

Lobby Teller Form

Bank Telephone Form

Contact Us if you would like more examples pertaining to your industry or if you would like to discuss customizing a form for your program.

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